Our Services

Community Living Centers (CLC) provides quality residential care to individuals with developmental disabilities.

To qualify for placement, an individual must have a developmental disability which is attributed to a mental and physical impairment, was manifested before the age of 22, is likely to continue indefinitely, and results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:

  • -Self-care

  • -Receptive and expressive language

  • -Learning

  • -Mobility

  • -Self-direction

  • -Capacity for independent living

  • -Economic self-sufficiency

Skills Development

New skills are developed by encouraging each resident to contribute as fully as possible to his/her home environment. We assist with money management, personal care and hygiene, appropriate social skills, and any other activities that build self-esteem and encourage a feeling of independence.

Working on a cooking goal.

Medical Coordination

We work closely with medical professionals to maintain and improve the health of our residents.

Social and Emotional Support

We strive to provide a quality of life similar to that which is provided by a natural family. Our residents often consider their housemates and their caregivers as “family.” They share each other’s joys and frustrations, celebrate each other’s birthdays, and often even vacation together.

Four housemates off to DisneyWorld!

Recreational Activities

Enrichment classes, bowling, gym memberships, movies, our annual Dinner Dance, and volunteer opportunities are all part of the active lifestyle we promote among our residents.

Annual Bowling Banquet & Awards

Vocational Activities

Nearly all of our residents participate in community employment, day programs, or sheltered workshops.


CLC provides transportation to work, day programs, medical appointments, enrichment and social activities, shopping – in short, anywhere our residents need to go. We lease a full-size van for each group home and three vans for our independent living programs.


If you are interested in residential placement with Community Living Centers, please contact our leadership during our business hours. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.

Executive Director Lisa Murrell

Assistant Director Nathalie Demers