Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight: Pamela M.

Pam has been with Community Living Centers since 2000. She is very social in her home, she likes to laugh and has a big heart! She enjoys spending time with her roommate Michelle, shopping, sharing meals and enjoying one another’s company.

Pam enjoys watching TV— she really likes police and crime shows — and talking on the phone. She practices her independence by walking to the corner store to shop. On the weekends, she goes out into the community and shops or gets pizza — her favorite food — with her roommate and other residents. She also enjoys relaxing in her home when she is not working or participating in group activities.

Pam is a proud aunt! She grew up babysitting and continues to enjoy spending time with the kids. She has a new nephew on the way around New Years and is so excited to welcome him when he arrives! She has a twin sister who lives in Phoenix and has enjoyed visiting her on occasion. Pam frequently shares pictures of her loved ones,  and is very involved with and proud of her family.