I started with CLC in 2005 part time.  My son was just 3 months old.  As he got older my part time turned to full time and have been here ever since.  My favorite part of the day is when working with the people we serve.  They help remind me of how simple life can be.  However, it is us that make it complex.

Edie Needham


I began working for CLC in 1988. My sister was a manager for many years. She is how I became involved and fell in love with the folks living here. CLC has been a great company to work for. CLC has been very understanding in my work and personal life. You aren’t just another number you are part of a family here.

The thing I enjoy most about my job is building relationships with the people I care for. We have had so many talks, laughs and good times throughout the years. It is what attracted me to CLC and what has kept me here. Be prepared for a lot of hugs and happiness. That is the best part of the job!

Kathi Stalk


I have grown up with CLC in my life since I have been 19. The folks that’s share their lives with me have molded me into the person that I am. Clc is by far a reflection of a real home, real love and a life of togetherness. We together, provider, staff and folks we share our time with are in this together as one.



“I enjoy the freedom and like living here because I have many friends and I like the staff.”



“I have worked for CLC for 32 years and have helped at many of our homes, giving me the opportunity to meet several of our residents who are like family to me. I am proud of CLC for the continued years of service and our main purpose of making sure our folks are happy and healthy”



Employee Handbook

We understand that it is our employees who provide the services that our customers rely upon, and who will grow and enable us to create new opportunities in the years to come. We hope your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.