“Amazing Staff!” -David (Resident)

“I get to see my old friends and I like that I get help with cooking and cleaning” – Jerry (Resident)

“I like AND love the staff here because they help me and I like living here because I get to go out and do what I want” -Jackie (Resident)

“I was on the waiting list since I was 15 years old. I was happy when I finally moved in and became an independent person. I missed my family but since I wasn’t living with them anymore CLC became my family and I have felt safe the entire time.“ – Andrea (Resident)

“I have lived in many CLC homes and then moved to another company. I have made the decision to return and it’s the best decision of my life. I am so happy to be living with CLC and I never want to move.” – Chuck (Resident)

I love everyone in CLC. I like, and love being here. everyone is good and nice to me and I don’t care to move anywhere else. I like to be able to walk to stores. – Jackie (Resident)

I am glad I am living in CLC and the staff are nice. I like that the staff cooks us dinners, they make some of my favorite meals. – Jerry (Resident)